Somedays can be hectic and you don`t have time to sit down or use a lot of time making lunch.

Last week l was dropping by my house before going to my next appointment and l knew l had to eat.

I had to leave the house in five minutes and hurried into the kitchen.

There l magically found a way (that even surprised me) to make lunch in only three minutes.

1: I turned on the furnace and put on a frying pan and l put some oliveoil in i while l found som fresh spinach and threw in.

2: While the spinach was getting heated in the oil l found two eggs and threw them in too and mixed it together.

3: Then l put it aside and took a avocado l had and some salmon l found in the refridgerator and cut it up in small pieces. At last l mixed it all together with olive oil, spices and some apple cider vinegar on top and then l was ready to go!

That was it.

You try it!

It tasted fantastic when l ate it thirty minutes later.



Spinach (fresh if you want it to go fast)




Apple cider vinegaer


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