Do you believe that your week will be fabulous based on luck?

That you will get a great week if it`s a sunny day or if you get a positive surprise during the day?

I don´t.

My weeks are fabulous for others reasons. Every week. Some weeks can be hard, believe me, but still l have fabulous weeks.

The reason for that is that l do specific actions to ensure that my week turns fabulous!

Today l will share my daily actions so you too can try it out:

1:Get enough sleep.

(No, I`m not kidding. Don`t fool yourself to think that you will shine during the day if you don`t have a good night sleep during the night).I prioritize my sleep, just as l prioritize my eating and my workouts.

2: Say Thank you!

I say it in the morning before l get up and l say it before l fall asleep. I give thanks for the new day that lies ahead of me, l give thanks for my kids, my health, my aparment, my friends, my family, for nature, for the sun, for the rain, for the people l meet, the people l learn lessons from and so on.
If you want to be happy and have great days, say thank you.

3: Plan your day:

Every evening write down maximum seven things on your cellphone you are going to do the next day. One of the things have to be one thing you really really are looking forward to do. When you do this, planning your day you make sure that you are doing the things you want to do in your life. Then there is no excuse, you have the bullet points in front of you and it`s up to you to do them. At the same time you don`t throw away time on things you don´t want to do. In example: 1: Send emails to: X, B, C, D, T 2: Workout 3: Work on project 4: Go for a walk in the woods.

4: Be in nature:

If there is one divine source to happiness, it`s nature. Do not underestimate nature. Beside treating nature as it was your best friend, make sure to be surrounded by it. Go for a walk, run or just sit in a park.

5: Keep breathing!:

Pain is a part of life and can also be a part of a fabulous week. The pain can be hard work, stress, devastating news, emotional problems, loss etc. The one thing that helps and can ease the pain you feel instantly is to keep breathing. If you take a second to notice how you react when you are stressed or get bad news, you will notice that you breath get blocked. So when you feel your bloodpressure rising next time, take 5 to 10 deep breaths. Don`t be surprised if you notice that you feel better, that you are thinking clearer and are able to respond better to the situation.

6: Give Love:

Give love, be love. Give to the people you meet. You can be holding the door for a person behind you, helping a person in the grocery store, giving a compliment to a friend or a stranger. Remember that you give because you love, not because you are going to get in return. Give what you want to get.

If you only do one of these six actions every day, l promise you your weeks will turn out for the better. If you do all six of them the should feel fabulous!

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