I looked in the mirror at my tired face.
I had just woken up,
ready to make my mark on the new day. I washed my face and brushed my teeth.
I dried my mouth and my two ears.
The bathroom was bathed in silence
and so were my ears.

I resisted the urge to open my mouth,
to talk, to sing and make noise.
Instead l stayed,
stayed in the silence by myself.

The silence became noisy,
it made me want to scream.
In the silence l heard all my thoughts,
also them l didn`t like to hear.

But in the silence l finally listened to me.

Not to a song, not to a friend or a stranger.
I could instead finally hear what l had to say.
I had been to busy talking to other people,
then taking the time to listen to myself.

So forgive me for talking,
don`t listen to me.


Let us be silent.
If only for a short period of time during the day.
Be alone and let the silent fill your ears,
so you can truly hear,

the beautiful secrets that your heart and soul share.