If you want to loose weight my best tip is to drink your breakfast.
The reason for that is that after a long night of sleep your body finds it easier to burn fat than other times during the day.

Therefor you should not eat food that put on the brakes on your fatburning.


Instead you should drink something that speeds up your fatburning! In example: Drink a cup of coffee with unsalted butter and MCT coconut oil in it

(No, I´m not kidding).

Your body will NOT experience this drink as a meal, instead you will be fasting and that will boost your fatburning. In addition to that you will also avoid the carbohydrates that people usually eat in the morning. With the butter and oil you will feel full, energetic and focused till lunch.

(I promise!)

If you manage to let 16-18hours pass from you eat your last meal before you go to bed till you eat your lunch you will have a full fast period. (This is only recommended for healthy people and not pregnant people or sick people).

(Yes, that`s a long time! But you eat a lot during the rest of the time).

Vegetables, proteins, good fats and some carbohydrates.

So tomorrow you want drink a cup of orange juice or eat granola or a slice of bread. Instead:

Make yourself a black coffee.
Mix two table spoons with grassfed unsalted butter in it
and 1 table spoon MCT coconut oil in it. (Start of with a half spoon with oil and increase to a full spoon after a couple of days, or you might have to run to the toilet).

Blend it and serve!

(And yes, it tastes good!)

That`s what l call a perfect breakfast to boost your fat burning!

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