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Good morning!

Today l want to share my top three morning routines with you.
The three things l do every morning, no matter what.

1: I drink a big glas of water.

This is to keep hydrated and help the organs function well, especially my digestion.

2: I take my vitamins.

I`ve been taking Juice Plus for a year now and haven`t been sick since august 2016! I`m also taking my Omega 3 and D-vitamins (Omega cure). Unless you are on a fast it`s a good start on your day with taking your vitamins. See more under My Supplements.

3: I breath and say thanks!

I place myself on a cushion or a towel and close my eyes. It doesn`t have to be that long. Sometimes it`s 5-10 minutes, other times 60 seconds. Then l focus on inhaling through my nose and out of my nose. I focus my attention on following the breath in and out of my body. All the way up into my head and down to my pelvis. I don`t force the breath, but I`m conscious on my inhales and exhales. I end the breathing session by giving a big thank you for everything that l have in my life.

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