I didn`t want to share it, but today l finally want to tell the world what has been going on. Well part of it. Other parts I can tell you later and other parts l will keep to myself.

I`m not a person that share my kids or share too many details about my love life in social medias. When that`s said l`m very honest and l have nothing to hide. Just ask the people l`m lucky to meet at Smart Trening or my friends. I share. A lot. At the same time l try to protect myself and l`ve been restrictive with what l have shared, but today l want to be a little more personal.

The reason for that is mainly because l`m ready to share. It`s also because l believe that inspiration comes from sharing. Sharing your hopes, your dreams, your happiness, but also your struggles and your fights in life. Because life consists of both. That`s the truth. That`s what l teach my kids. To expect that life has it`s ups and downs and that that`s OK.

That`s life.

Life is beautiful, but it`s also hard.

Today l therefor want to tell you about my struggles the last couple of years. Some of it you wouldn`t believe me if l told you. You would think l made it up, so l will tell you about that another time. (Believe me, you wouldn´t believe me.)

Today l will instead tell you why l took a picture of my hand one year a ago.

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