Today l would like to share some efficient exercises you can do on the go. The program will work the main muscles in your body. If you do the exercises in a circle without taking any pauses in between you will also work your heart pump.

1Leg curl on your back (towel/wool socks)

Use two cloths,paper or wool socks to do the exercise.

Do 10 rep on each leg.

2Squat with one arm above your head

Here you can hold something that weighs between 3-6 kg in your hand.

Do 5 rep on each arm.

3Stomach exercise on the floor

Use two cloths, paper or wool socks to do the exercise.

Do 5 rep on each side.

4Scorpion with a twist

You can also do it on your knees or on your toes without lifting your foot.

Do 3 rep on each side or a total of 6 repetitions.

Do the exercises in a circle and start with exercise 1, then do exercise 2 etc. Do the exercises in two or three rounds to get a full workout. Avoid taking pauses between the exercises. Take a short break (1-2min) after each round.

Good luck!

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