Today l want to share a secret with you. Like you might have already read l have made a lot of changes the last year.

One of the things l`ve been asking myself is:

What is my mission in life?

What do l really really really want to do?

What makes me utterly happy?

What is hard work, but at the same time gives me peace?

Those questions have been with me for a long time, maybe several years when l think about it. But las December l started to get some answers and thelast couple of months a lot of things have happened.

So today l`ll tell you my secret.

l will tell you my truth,

my answer in life,

who l am:

I`m a writer.

That`s what l want to do and that`s what l`m doing. I will still guide people and help them get the results they want, but if you ask me what l do, my answer is: I´m a writer.

It gives me peace and joy to tell you, as it does to be writing. Exactly what l`m writing l`ll tell you later, but believe me l write. At least 3 hours each day! It`s hard work! But l don`t mind, it`s what l was meant to be doing.

What gives you peace? What`s your truth? What would you love to do, no matter what?

Ask yourself those questions and see where you find your peace and joy!