– What can l do for you? I asked.– I want to get in shape, she smiled and replied.

She sat down and l asked her some more questions, before l asked again:

– If you could choose what ever you want, what do you want?

She looked a little confused and replied:

– What do you mean by «what ever I want»?

In my job I`m priviliged to inspire and guide people to get the results they want. The big question is therefor: What do you want?

I mean, what do you really, really want to achieve and why?

Do you want to loose weight? get stronger? Get more energy? Be leaner? Be happier? Eat healthier? Have better sleep quality? Have more sparetime? Have a flat stomach? Or a toned butt? Or do you want to be more in balance? be more effective? Have more sex? Have more time with your family? Or have more time by yourself? Do you want to feel great? And look great?And why do you want that?

That`s what l want to know.

I`ve also asked myself those questions and l know what l want. I basically want everything! ha ha!

Yes, l want to be strong and lean, workout regulary and eat healthy.Yes, I want to have a lot of energy through the day. I want to be efficient, but l also want to be in balance. Yes, I want to have time by myself and l also want to have time with the people l love. Yes. Yes. Yes.

And my answer to why is easy:

Because l want to use most of my time on things that make me feel happy. I want to fill my life with love and good things.

I want to shine!

Don`t you?

I love the moment when people reliaze what they really want, not just getting in shape. Because when they start telling me what they really want, they stop telling me what their head is telling them. They talk from the heart. They tell me what their heart desire and what they need in their lifes to be happy.

And guess what?

If you really, really want to get results.

If you really, really want to get a healthier life,You need to listen to your heart and find out what you really, really want.

What do you need in your life to be happy and shine?

When you know that then l can help you make magic and get the results you want! Are your goals in my menu l can help you reach your goals!

Find your goals!

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