and good Sunday! Today l want to to give you the key tools to make real lasting changes. Not changes that only lasts a week or two and not changes that you don`t really believe in.

A change is when it all comes down to it a habit.

It`s not more sexy than that.

The habits you have today determind who you are.


It`s what you do,
what you think and what you feel that together create who you are.

Therefor it`s important to acknowledge these aspects when you do decide that you want to change.

So, if you for example want to loose weight you need to implementing that wish in all the aspects:

1: Do the activities that make you loose weight. Make sure you have a nutrition program and that you work out correctly to reach your goal.

2: Make sure that you start your day by telling yourself a truth sentence that supports your goal and your activities. That could be: I`m a healthy eating and an active person. I love my body and l take good care of it. That a sentence you need to hold on to everyday and feel free to write it on the bathroom mirror. Your head and your mindset need to change too.

3: Make sure to tell to yourself when you are brushing your teeths all the things you have done the specific day to confirm to yourself that yes, I am a healthy eating and an active person. That yes, l do take good care of my body. Really feel what those confirmations make you feel. They should boost you and make you feel great and increase your motivation to repeat the habit the next day.

When doing the above bulletpoints, you increase your chances to get good habits and changes that will give you long lasting results in your life.

Your body, your head and your heart all have to make the changes. All of you.

Then the last thing you have to remember is that new habits take time. So you have to do those three things everyday for at least 30 days, but l recommend you do it for 60 days.

That´s the time it will take to get your body, head and heart up from the coach and into the habits of being an healthy eating and active person.

Then the activities and mindset you have been practising and the good feelings you have been experiencing should come more automatically and naturally and the change has been made.

Start the changes today!

Good luck!

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