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About Studio

Let’s Shine Studio lies In the heart of Oslo, just by St. Hanshaugen park in Geitmyrsveien 7. Here you get guided private training, nutrition and lifestyle programs for 1-4 people. This offer is also online. In addition to that we also offer you exclusive private access to the studio, to workout on your own. This offer is limited and gives you the opportunity to work out in our exclusive studio without a trainer when it suits you. 

Let’s Shine Studio Offer

1: LET`S SHINE EXCLUSIVE: Personal guided training, nutrition and workout programs with 1-4 people in studio or online, with all the tools included and follow ups. 

2: MY STUDIO WORKOUTS: Work out on my own in studio when it suits me without trainer/coach.  

Let`s Shine Studio

What your Studio Workouts include?

(My Studio Workouts)

  • Access to fully equipped studio privately.
  • Access to LSL workout, meditation and mental training programs on screen in studio.
  • Access to music and internet
  • Shower & Towel
  • Free Tea & coffee.
  • VIP Studio Workouts includes one personal trainer session per month, servings of smoothie and protein bar at studio, and access to red sauna and foot massage in studio. (If you want more personal follow ups by a coach/trainer, choose the Let’s Shine Exclusive offer instead.)
Provided Equipment

Kettle bells 8kg-50kg, free weights 1kg -20kg, barbell with weight plates 20-150kg, curl bar barbell with weight plates 10- 120kg, Squat rack, rubber bands, Rings, Benches, strings/bands to attach to the wall, boxing, mats, yoga mats, jumping ropes, step, Pullup bars, balance cushion, slides, sling training, blankets and pillows

Hvordan det fungerer

1: Book your session online

2: Get a code to get access to the studio*

3: Enjoy your time in the studio working out. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea.

4: Wipe over the equipment and put it back in place.

5: Lock yourself out of the studio*

An introduction to studio and the equipment will be given on your first workout in studio.

*On your first session and drop in session someone will lock you in and out. On the other Studio Workouts you will get a code to let yourself in.

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Let’s Shine Online Offer

1: LET`S SHINE EXCLUSIVE: Personal guided training, nutrition and workout programs with 1-4 people in studio or online, with all the tools included and follow ups.

2: LET`S SHINE LIFESTYLE: Get Let’s Shine training, nutrition and lifestyle week programs online. Get workouts, meditations, mental training, and personal follow ups, live coaching and more!

What will you get at Let’s Shine online and in studio


Training or workout is essential to have a strong, functional and good looking body. At Let`s Shine Studio we combine exercises with your own body weights, kettle bells, free weights, and rings.

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We also use exercises associated with movements from climbing, pilates, yoga, crossfit, gymnastic and ballet. Our goal is to increase your fitness and a body that is both flexible and strong.


The Shine recipe makes sure that you get a strong, slim, toned and a functional body.

In addition to that our specialities are: pregnancy and post pregnancy work outs and eliminating hips, back, neck and shoulder pains and challenges.


You get:

  • En sterkere kropp 
  • En mer veltrent kropp.
  • En funksjonell kropp
  • Få en treningsrutine som passer din hverdag.
  • Økt bevegelighet og fleksibilitet 
  • Bli kvitt muskelstivhet, svakhet og smerter.
  • En sterk, smidig og smertefri rygg 
  • Bli kvitt smerter i knær, hofter, rygg, skuldre, nakke og armer.
  • Et bedre kardiovaskulært system 
  • En bedre holdning
  • En bedre treningsteknikk 
  • Treningsprogrammer med og uten utstyr
  • Form kroppen din
  • Mer energi


A good diet is essential to get good results and to shine. Whether you want to get more energy, loose weight, get a better functioning stomach or gut or you want to tone your body.

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At Let`s Shine Studio we give you nutritions advice based on your goals and we focus on natural food and food that boosts your brain as much as your body. The nutrition advices are easily implemented in your daily life.

The Shine recipe makes sure you feel great both on the inside and on the outside.

  We will customize your nutrition program based on your needs and preferences.


You get:

  • Optimalisering av kostholdet ditt for å nå målene dine.
  • En kostjustering som gir raske resultater 
  • Tilpasning av ditt eksisterende kosthold
  • Måltidforslag og oppskrifter å nyte i din hverdag.
  • Smarte «på farten» måltidsløsninger
  • Bli kvitt søtsug
  • Et kosthold som holder deg mett og glad. 
  • Mindre fokus på mat.
  • Effektive, sunne og deilige måltidsforslag
  • En bedre fungerende mage og tarm
  • Mer og mer jevn energi gjennom dagen.
  • Reduserer oppblåsthet
  • Gå ned i vekt 
  • Lose weight 
  • Få en flat mage
  • Kostholdsprogram
  • Et bedre immunforsvar
  • Bedre hud 
  • Bedre hår


Your lifestyle is the key to your success no matter what your goals are. What you think and what you do during a day and a week determind your results. To integrate effeciant routines

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and prioritise actions that will take you faster to your goals are essential. To eliminate stress, get better sleep quality and more joy in your life! It`s all in your mind, heart and in your character.


The Shine recipe teaches you how to design the life of your dreams and how to harvest the fruits and joy of life. 

Your trainer will give you weekly lifestyle tasks, in additon to Nutrition and Training/workout tasks. 

You get:

  • Økt effektivitet gjennom dagen
  • Nå flere av dine mål
  • Økt motivasjon
  • Få en enklere livsstil
  • Get more sparetime
  • Være mer balansert og tilstede
  • Økt daglig lykke
  • Å være mer motstandsdyktig, uansett hva som kommer din vei
  • Økt og mer jevnt energinivå gjennom dagen
  • Forbedrede forhold til de menneskene du har i livet ditt
  • Bedre selvfølelse og selvtillit
  • Økt mental styrke
  • Bedre flyt og ro gjennom dagen 
  • Bedre søvnkvalitet 
  • Økt opplevelse av glede og moro hver dag.
  • Mer indre ro i hverdagen. 
  • Få mer av det du ønsker i livet

Guidance Online or in Studio? Or Both? You Decide. 


The programs are made for your needs and will  be customized based on the level of program you choose.  Either you want to workout at home, in studio, LIVE or to the Replays. If you want some personal follow-ups or you want private follow-ups weekly over time. Find the right program for you, so we can help you optimize your life and health, and thrive more!


Sometimes it`s beneficial to workout in a group. We offer duo and trio groups, in addition to private sessions in studio and online. We recommend private sessions first, and then we will find the right group for you.


What Clients Say?

“My cellulites on my butt and thighs, which had bothered me a lot earlier, are down to a minimum. My sleep quality have improved a lot by just doing some small changes in my routines before going to bed at night, and all the issues I had with my tummy are now gone. I’m so happy about the improvements and success I’ve experienced. My motivation has been on top at all times because the results were showing week by week. “

Maya 34

“Honestly, I never thought I would see such amazing results in such a short time! Now I finally have the motivation and knowledge I need to keep working out regularly. It’s easy to keep working out when your body is rapidly changing and results are visible.”

Kristin 33

“I got my results a lot sooner than expected and reached my goals in 6 weeks! Even though l had only worked out for 45min 1-2 times per week. Helle’s been contributing with enthusiasm and made sure the execution of my lifestyle change was successful. She’s got a near magical ability to motivate and encourage, but also to challenge me into pushing my limits further.” 

Marius 38

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