What do you Celebrate

What do you celebrate? 
Except your birthday or your friends and family’s birthdays? On a daily basis? Most people including myself are not good at celebrating their daily wins. It`s like we need to run a marathon or passing an exam, to say: “Hurra! I did it! I`m so happy and proud of myself!“ Why is that? There are probably many reasons we are holding back on our celebrations. I believe it has something to do with that we believe that life should be mostly hard work and not a party, or maybe that we are conditioned to only celebrate big events through our upbringing. 
So what if we forgot about that, and decided instead that we would like to have small celebrations too in our lives, on a more regular basis? To celebrate life and our wins? Would that be ok? Or would it actually be amazing? To be able to give ourselves some praise and something that we deserve? I believe it would be amazing! I also believe that we deserve to celebrate ourselves and that we should celebrate ourselves. Celebrate that you did a good job at work. Celebrate that you managed to eat healthy meals through your day, celebrate that you took that challenging conversation with a friend, celebrate that you have worked out, all though it wasn`t as long as you hoped for. And even celebrate that you got out of bed some days. We need to fill our heads and hearts with beauty, love and celebrations. 
Our wins lift us. Our wins make us stronger, increases our motivation, make us happier, give us more energy and not at least MORE TO GIVE to others. So let`s celebrate! Everyday! By just saying to yourself: “Great job, I`m proud of myself” and then listen to a great song, making a toast during dinner or to dance in the living room. Find a time during your day to celebrate. It can be during dinner where the whole family can share their wins, or before bedtime or when you are walking to work. Just make sure you DO something that mark that you are celebrating your wins, if only to let your face bath in the sun light for a moment.
Let`s celebrate our small wins daily and fill yourself and your life with more love and happiness!

PS: If you for some reason don`t have the time to write it down, you can do it mentally instead, thinking about what you are grateful for. 


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