Avocado tips

Boost one of your meals with avocado during your day!

Adding an avocado to your lunchtime
meal will make you full, give you a more stable blood sugar and help you avoid cravings in
the afternoon or evening. It’s not necessarily enough with a whole avocado and you might need to add some olive oil to your meal too. Healthy fats make you full and lose unwanted fat if combined in a balanced way. To learn more about how to lose weight by eating fats, check out your Mini Nutrition program or get yourself the full Nutrition program.

Remember that all Nutrition advices and programs given by Let’s Shine and Helle Luxe are only suggestions given on a general basis with the aim to improve you diet. There will always be necessary to take individual differences, needs and your goals into account when adjusting your nutrition. Don`t do any changes in your diet without ensuring that your individual needs are taken into account. Consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet.

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