Let`s Shine 8 WEEKS NUTRITION program (with 3 personal guidance included!)


Let`s Shine Nutrition program gives you: Nutrition information on what to eat more of and what to eat less of, 30 Recipes, Week menus with Meal plans and grocery lists through 8 weeks. In addition you get 3 personal follow ups by a personal trainer in your program to ensure your results!

It`s Digital content and you will get the program on email.


This is an online Nutrition program where you get your program and personal guidance by email.

Let`s Shine Nutrition program gives you: 

  • Stable and more energy in your daily life.

  • Increased sleeping quality

  • Weight loss.

  • Reduction of circumference of your body

  • A stronger and more toned body

  • A more well functioning stomach and gut

  • More visible training results

  • Less cravings

  • Less stress and a more balanced daily life

  • Personal follow up through your program

Through 8 weeks you will get: 

  • Registration of your progression and your results when changing your diet.

  • Nutrition information about what you should eat, avoid and what supplements we recommend.

  • Meal plan: You will get weekly meal plan you can choose to follow

  • Recipes: You will get 30 recipes through your 8 weeks.

  • Grocery lists: You will get ready made grocery lists.

  • Personal Follow up: You will get 3 personal feedbacks on your diet changes from one of our personal trainers to ensure your results.