Let's Shine Lifestyle Online

Your company’s new monthly income source.

Let's Shine Lifestyle: A Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle membership for only 19$ per month!


  • Ready-made weekly training programs that you can choose from, e.g: My Strong and Toned 5-10min week, My Strong and Flat stomach week and My strong, pain free & Functional back week.
  • Let’s Shine Basic Training Program, Nutrition Program with recipes and tips and Lifestyle Program with effective everyday routines to shine more in your life.
  • Weekly meditations and mental training sessions
  • LIVE Let’s Shine Monthly Sessions and Replays
  • Registration of results “My Shine Results”
  • Registration of weekly Wins and goals “My Week Goals”
  • Accountability partner and feedback on completed training sessions: “I have worked out!”
  • Weekly personal follow-up and feedback on your wins and goals.
  • Membership in the Let’s Shine Community.



LSL as an Add On in online store. Customers in the online store are offered 4 weeks free access to LSL in the sales process in the online store. if you get up to 4.55$ or 49 nok for each customer/employee you can earn:

100 customers give a monthly: 455$ or 4900 nok

1000 customers give a monthly: 4550$ or 49,000 nok

10 000 customers give a monthly: 45,500$ or 490,000 nok



Here, selected products from your company are integrated and marketed in the LSL online store, for additional sales of your brand.

We will offer your brand/Company products to our already existing members and to new members during their cart and checkout process with some discount by using a specific coupon code which in return will increase your company sales and no doubt revenue to LSL as an affiliated partner.



Platform is adapted to the online store, according to the needs of customers and brands and for optimization of sales. 

We understand the importance of creating a seamless and personalized experience for your customers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive white-labeling solution that allows you to brand our products as your own and offer a consistent experience across all touchpoints. Our team of experts will work with you to design, build, and deploy a fully customized solution that reflects your brand’s/Company identity and meets your specific requirements.

Whether you’re looking to white-label our existing products or create a completely new offering from scratch, we’ve got you covered. With LSL, you can create a differentiated customer experience that sets your brand/company apart from the competition and drives growth.

More about you Company's earning opportunities:

We believe that collaboration is key to success, and we offer three different levels of collaboration to ensure that we meet the unique needs of every online store/company we work with.

The possibilities are many within the 3 different levels for collaboration. Everything from strategic placement as an add-on by LSL, to create own LIVE events and communities on the platform for customers in the online store, and possibility of promoting own products in the LSL platform. It is crucial that a collaboration adapted to the individual’s online store and customers for the best possible results.

LSL as an online product reaches out to all customers and links the online shop/company’s customers together and offers an additional product that customers are interested in at no cost. LSL provides increased value of existing offer in the online store and will be able to give the customer potentially even better results/experience of existing products. In addition, it will result in increased recurring monthly turnover by the fact that a share of the monthly price for registered members of LSL goes to the online store.

Overall, LSL seems like a win-win situation for both the online store and its customers. The online store can earn additional revenue while providing more value to their customers, and the customers can benefit from additional services or products at no cost.


About Helle Luxe, owner of Let's Shine

  • Lifestyle advisor, speaker and author.
  • Helle has a bachelor’s degree with specialization in psychology from the University of Oslo, and is also trained as a personal trainer, dietitian and coach.
  • Helle started Let’s Shine studio in 2008 and has been guiding people for almost 20 years.
  • In 2014, she published the books: “Smart Mamma” and “Train smarter!” with Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, Vår Staude and Tone Damli.
  • Helle has previously been VG’s training expert for several years with her own weekly training column.
  • Her philosophy “7 Pillars” has been developed over two decades, and is based on 7 basic pillars in training, diet and lifestyle to shine more in life.

Helle Luxe and The Let`s Shine Team

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