A persons knees are revealing a lot about them as a person. All though your knees can’t talk, I can by just looking at the knee position know a lot about the muscle balance, but also their balance in life!

Many people haven’t a good muscle balance between the front of their thighs and their back thighs. They often want to tone and strengthen the back thighs more than the front. In addition to that they often want to strengthen and lift their butt too.
Sound familiar?

Well, your knees play an important role in the muscle balance in your legs. Very often people are having a too big extension in their legs, they are missing a small flexion in the knee joints. This is also affecting the placement of the hips and the activation of the back thighs, butt and stomach muscles especially. Without a small flexion it will get harder to strengthen the back of the body and stand and walk with a good posture. It can also give you pain in your knees.

The message is therefor: Bend your knees a little. Just have a small flexion in your joints, so you are not overextending your knees.

It`s often also a question of what comes first? The hen or the egg.

Because if you don`t workout you back thighs on a regulay basis or your butt, it will be hard to have a small flexion in your knees. The front thigh muscles will instead often be the main active muscles. It`s therefor important to be aware of how your knee position is in your daily life, but it`s also important to strengthen the muscles on the back of your body to make it easier to have a natural flexion in you knees.

What overextended knees also are also telling me is that: With too straight legs people are often giving what they got in life. Working hard to succeed in different aspects of live, BUT they haven’t their brakes activated and they are imbalance. In their muscles, but also in their lives.
They are often exhausted and/or stressed. Rushing through life, often not even realizing it.

So what to do to get the balance in your muscles and in life?

Bend your legs. Turn on your brakes and your body will soon be more in balance, and so will you be! (Believe it or not;)

Here are 3 good exercises to turn on the brakes and get a better muscle balance in your legs and in life!

1: Leg curls

2: Leg lifts and curls

3: Hip stretch

Do 10 repetitions on each and on the stretch stay for 10-30 breaths in the position.

Do it 2- 3 rounds, 2-3 times a week with a day of in between your workouts.

Good luck!

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