Workout program 3 Introduction

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I`m so happy that you joined my program and that I now can share my Let’s Shine workout`s secrets with you, so you can get a strong, toned and functional body, in an easy, efficient way. I and my colleagues are really looking forward to guide you on your journey to your goals. 
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The 3 principles in Let`s Shine philosophy are: 
1: Easy and Efficient:
The exercises should be easy to do, all though some exercises are playful and more challenging than others. We are starting by using our own body weight as resistance as and then we gradually increase the resistance based on your needs and goals. 
2: Holistic: 
The exercises are chosen based on a holistic perspective where we want to engage the breath, the mind and the body. We have functional exercises that challenges different muscles groups at the same time to both strengthen and increase mobility and flexibility. We also take into account your diet and lifestyle to optimize your results. 
3: Personal follow ups: 
Everyone is different and therefore we are focusing on adjusting the different exercises to meet your needs and give you the best results possible through our follow-ups in our programs. 

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