What time during the day should you eat your carbohydrates?

Is it a specific time? It depends, but if your goal is to lose weight, the timing is very important. After a good night`s sleep you have emptied your glycogen storages and your body more easily uses your fat storages to create energy instead. Therefore it can be a good idea to let your body use the fat storages by not filling your glycogen storages in the morning and instead prioritize healthy fats and proteins to have a good fat burning in the morning. Because filling your body up with carbohydrates also increases your insulin levels in the body, that is the body`s storage hormon and will make it easier to storage fat on your body.

 Most people functions well with minimal or none carbobydrates in the morning. Try it out yourself and remember not to mix carbohydrates with fats too much in your meals. This can trigger the opposite effect and make you storage fats instead. No matter how few calories it is. 

To have a good fatburning it is recommended for most people to eat the carbohydrates in the afternoon and evening instead.

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