Welcome to Week 3

How is it going?

1: Register your results in your copied “MY RESULTS” form with your initials you made the first day of the program to see your progression. If you haven’t made it yet, don’t worry just click here to make it. 
2: Then you can share your results with us and get feedback if you want to:
You need to have an email account on your device to share your results with us. If not, send an email to post@letsshine.no and mark it with “my results”.

On the third week we will step it up on the mental training, your mind set. We want to train you mind to find solutions faster, handle challenges better and by that being in a more positive state generally and feeling even better than what you are now. We will also add a Rest Routine to our routines. It’s pretty similar to your Joy Routine and you can decide to make your rest routine a part of the 3 things you are already doing daily to fill yourself with joy, or you can do both.  


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