Mental Strength

The goal with mental strength training is to increase your mental strength so you can enjoy life on a higher level than what you are doing now. Mental strength is one of the main keys in having a fantastic life. When doing the Mental strength routine you are working out your mindset to be stronger and by focusing on different subjects and affirmations daily, you will train your mind on focusing on the things that will make you feel more peaceful, happier and balanced and give you the life you want to live. Mental training is just as important as physical workouts, if not even more important. How strong of a mindset are you having? Let`s strengthen our mind and shine!

Mental Strength Workout


Have you ever thought about the fact that happiness is a choice of living? That you choose to be happy? We feel what we are thinking, and we are choosing what to think. What we are choosing to think, determines how we are feeling, that again determines our life experience. In addition to that the vibration you choose to be on, decides what you attract into your life. If you are feeling blue and you are in a low state vibration, you will more easily attract similar things to you. In the opposite case, if you train your mind to stay positive, you will get positive feelings, feel better, enjoy life more and attract more good things to you.

That`s why this mental strength exercise is so important. The main goal with the exercise is to practice asking the following question when something is not going the way you wished it would, or you had planned: What positive things can come out of this situation? That is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself going through life. This is the question I`m holding on to in every challenging situation I’m facing and that I`ve taught my kids to embrace in their lives too. Because this question will help you find new answers and make your mind go on a search for positive things. That again will give you the benefits of dealing better with challenges and at the same time filling yourself up with positive emotions. Just imagine how that will be, to always be able to find the hidden gifts and benefits in any given situation and to feel good about life no matter what happens? It doesn`t mean that we are not experience or accepting pain and feeling those emotions too, but we are focusing and training our mind to mainly be in a positive state. So your mental strength workout is therefore to ask yourself when you are feeling challenged or down: What positive can come out of this? What are the positive aspects here? And what are the benefits?
If you decide to work on asking that question daily for at least a period of three weeks you should notice a huge difference, and to be honest, you should notice the difference just after a couple of days, because you will let go of old patterns of negativity and stress. Let`s train our mind and ask ourselves in any situation we face: What positive can come out of this situation?



Have you ever looked at your thoughts? Looked at them and checked if you are having beautiful or ugly thoughts?
Just like you are regulary looking at your clothes you are wearing, your make up, your car or your home? To check if your clothes are looking nice, just as your home and your car? No? Why is that? Why don`t we on a regular basis taking a look at our thoughts too?
What we are choosing to think, determines how we are feeling, that again determines our life experience. In addition to that the vibration you choose to be on, decides what you attract into your life. If you are feeling blue and you are in a low state vibration, you will more easily attract similar things to you. In the opposite case, if you train your mind to stay positive, you will get positive feelings, feel better, enjoy life more and attract more good things to you.
Let`s say you are thinking that the weather is shitty, and you are thinking that you are tired and low in energy and annoyed because you are running late, how do you think you would then meet and great people? And how would people around you feel about being around you? And would it be easier for you to be negative or positive to the things happening in your life through your day?
It`s so important to get the understanding of the huge impact your thoughts are having on your life, so I will gladly repeat myself: What you are choosing to think in every moment decide what you are feeling and your life experience and the quality of your life. It`s absolutely essential. Not what other people are thinking or saying or doing, but what you are thinking, feeling and then doing.
So therefore this mental strength exercise is about taking a look at your thoughts and asking yourself: Am I having beautiful or ugly thoughts?
What are you thinking when you are passing a stranger on the street that wears a big orange hat? “Oh, what a cool and interesting look, I hope he will have an amazing day”? or “ ha, ha, what a funny and silly hat?”, or are you just ignoring that person? To make fun of or having negative thoughts about other people are not having beautiful thoughts, and neither is ignoring. Just imagine how you would feel knowing that people you meet don`t give a s… about you. That they are indifferent about you. That is not a beautiful thought, all though you might think you are “neutral”, but it`s still not a nice thought you are thinking and you are not feeling any good emotions either being “neutral”.
We want to have a beautiful mind, to live a beautiful life. 
That means that it`s essential that you monitor your thoughts every day and that you decide to think loving thoughts in every situation. To be conscious about other people and to choose to think loving thoughts and send them love when passing them. That will put you on a high vibration that will make you feel amazing and attract more amazing things to you. What you are sending out, you will get in return. Not necessarily from the same person or in the same way you gave love, but when you are thinking good thoughts and feeling good emotions and taking loving actions, you will get the same in return. (And yes, if you choose to think negative thoughts and negative emotions, you will get that back too). We are sending out energy and we are receiving energy. The higher level of frequencies you are sending from, the higher levels of energy you will receive. Give what you want to receive, always.
So monitor your thoughts and when you catch yourself thinking a negative or an ignorant thought, change it as soon as possible to something positive and loving. No matter what situation you are in. It`s a practice and I will say a life long practice, but you will notice the difference in only a couple of weeks. I will also share that I catch myself in thinking negative thoughts regulary, but the biggest change so far, is the time I`m using from thinking a negative thought, to I change it to a positive mindset. I’m doing it much faster and when I do linger in a negative mindset I can feel it is holding me back and that motivates me even more to change faster to a love state. So watch your thoughts and don`t judge yourself! It is so easy to do. We are just humans, and your positive mindset starts with giving love to yourself and accept that it takes practise. This exercise is a life long practice that will fill your life with happiness and love and inner peace through your whole life, if you stay true to monitoring your thoughts and making sure they are loving and positive.


‘Ask better questions and get better answers’


Challenges are something most people don’t like. At least not those who trigger negative emotions in us. Or do you like those challenges?

If not, I’m sharing with you today how you can be good at dealing with challenges. I also tell you why it is so important to be good at dealing with them to have a good life. It’s basically only two steps you need to learn.
1: To accept the challenge
2: To ask better questions.


Good questions to ask:

1: What can I learn from this?
2: What is great about this problem/challenge?
3: What do I need to improve, do better?
4: What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
5: What am I willing to no longer do in order to make it the way I want it?
6: How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessary to make it the way I want it



What do you celebrate? Except your birthday or your friends and family’s birthdays? On a daily basis? Most people including myself are not good at celebrating their daily wins. It`s like we need to run a marathon or passing an exam, to say: “Hurra! I did it! I`m so happy and proud of myself!“ Why is that? There are probably many reasons we are holding back on our celebrations. I believe it has something to do with that we believe that life should be mostly hard work and not a party, or maybe that we are conditioned to only celebrate big events through our upbringing. So what if we forgot about that, and decided instead that we would like to have small celebrations too in our lives, on a more regular basis? To celebrate life and our wins? Would that be ok? Or would it actually be amazing? To be able to give ourselves some praise and something that we deserve? I believe it would be amazing! I also believe that we deserve to celebrate ourselves and that we should celebrate ourselves. Celebrate that you did a good job at work. Celebrate that you managed to eat healthy meals through your day, celebrate that you took that challenging conversation with a friend, celebrate that you have worked out, all though it wasn`t as long as you hoped for. And even celebrate that you got out of bed some days. We need to fill our heads and hearts with beauty, love and celebrations. Our wins lift us. Our wins make us stronger, increases our motivation, make us happier, give us more energy and not at least MORE TO GIVE to others. So let`s celebrate! Everyday! By just saying to yourself: “Great job, I`m proud of myself” and then listen to a great song, making a toast during dinner or to dance in the living room. Find a time during your day to celebrate. It can be during dinner where the whole family can share their wins, or before bedtime or when you are walking to work. Just make sure you DO something that mark that you are celebrating your wins, if only to let your face bath in the sun light for a moment.
Let`s celebrate our small wins daily and fill yourself and your life with more love and happiness! 

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