The goal with the Forgive routine is to let go of negative emotions and thoughts that are holding you back in your life. 
We have all experienced situations where we felt mistreated or disappointed by other people. When we are forgiving we are sending that person love in our thoughts and sometimes in our actions, for example: Wishing a person that hurt us previously a good day in our thoughts or saying it directly to them. It doesn´t mean that we are pretending that what happened earlier didn´t happen, but we choose to let go of negative emotions when we are forgiving. We do this because the negative emotions we are holding on to are causing ourselves harm and holding us back from living the life we want to live. We forgive to give love to ourselves by giving to others. 
We train our heart and mind to let go of negative thoughts and emotions, so we instead can fill ourselves and our lives with more joy, happiness and love. Let`s for-give, to let go of negative thoughts and give a loving thought to someone that we have found challenging to like or accept, so we can shine our light.

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