What you will learn

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In this program you will learn how to be happier in your life by implementing specific Let`s Shine routines in your daily life.

The program consists of the following Let`s Shine aspects:

1: Find out what you want in your life? And why?
2: Learn how to find and push your joy buttons. 
3: Learn the hidden magic in gratitude.
4: Learn the secrets of giving to have a happy life.
5: Learn how to forgive and listening to yourself to be happy.
6: Learn the fun and effectiveness in daily celebrations and goals.
7:  Learn how to increase your mental strength.
And you will also get: 
8: Your Happy Week plan through 4 weeks
9: Personal follow- ups by your trainer by email.
10. Registration of your progression and results.
The program is made so you can easily apply it to your daily life. The goal is to make the Let`s Shine routines fun, inspiring and make you feel good.


Remember that your lifestyle program is a workout program. You are implementing new routines and working your heart and mind. That means that it is important that you give yourself some slack and don`t expect yourself to do it perfectly or thinking that you have to deliver on a too high standard in your daily life. It also means that you need to rest, just allow yourself to be in between your new routines. Your daily goal should be to do your best and manage to do the routines in your weekplan every day and keep doing them and your best on a regular basis. To get long lasting results stretch for doing your new routines at least for 4 weeks. You will experience that your life will significantly improve in only one to three weeks if you manage to do the program daily.
To have a Smart lifestyle is about learning to make smart and efficient choices in your life and have an easy way of living. To get things done, so you can make time for more fun and joy in your daily life. To have a winners mindset and design your dream life!
Let`s get started!


1: To increase your experience of happiness in your daily life
2: To increase your experience of joy in your daily life
3: To increase your experience of inner peace in your daily life
4: To increase your energy in your daily life.
5: To increase your mental strength to find happiness whatever happens in your life. 


Now it’s time to register your results: Click on the link below and download the form to register your results in your own personal page.


-How good is your sleeping quality?
-What is your overall energy level during a normal day?
-How balanced are you in life? Or on a regular daily basis? (are you stressed or peaceful?)
-How much of “an easy way of living” are you experiencing? (A peaceful, fun and -smooth running daily life?)
-How well structured and well planned are you experiencing that your daily life is?
-How much joy are you experiencing on an average day in your life?
-How happy are you on an average through a normal day or on an average in your life?
-How good are you at being positive when things are not going the way you planned?
-How much inner peace do you experience in your life on a regular basis?
-How much do you experience that you are being the best version of yourself (Shining in your life?)

Please make sure to follow the instructions marked in yellow in the results registration template in “My Results”. Thank you.

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