What you will learn

In this program you will learn

In this program you will learn how you can focus on different parts of your body in the different weeks. You will work your whole body, but you will have a specific focus for each week.  If you have a specific part of the body you want to strengthen and tone you can repeat that specific week plan. Pick and choose and enjoy!
You will have the following workouts in your 4 weeks program:
1. Strong and Toned legs week
2. Strong and Toned Chest, Shoulders and Arms week
3. Pelvic floor + Stomach and Back week
4. Cardio week


To register and see your progression and results will make it easier for you to keep your motivation high, get into a good workout routine in your daily life and for your trainer to give you feedback. Remember that to adjust your nutrition and lifestyle routines too are essential to optimize your workout results. If you are already registrating your results at studio or online with your trainer, you don’t need to register your results here too, but feel free to do so if you want to.

Please make sure to follow the instructions marked in yellow in the results registration template in “My Results”. Thank you.

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