Welcome to Week 2


Welcome to your second 

Smart Lifestyle week.

1: Register your results in your copied “MY RESULTS” form with your initials you made the first day of the program to see your progression. If you haven’t made it yet, don’t worry just click here to make it. 
2: Then you can share your results with us and get feedback if you want to:
You need to have an email account on your device to share your results with us. If not, send an email to post@letsshine.no and mark it with “my results”.
The second week we want to start on living the new life that you have designed for yourself. Maybe you are not done yet? Use this week to really get your activities sorted and organized. To eliminate, delegate, automate and not at least add on the things that you want more of in your life. Finish the magic by putting it in your schedule and remember you can adjust it as much as you want.
You will use this second week to try your new time schedule and see what works well and what you would like to adjust some more. In addition to that we are making sure we are sleeping enough, filling ourselves up with joy and gratitude. Remember that the goal is for you to get long lasting results and we want to make sure you are integrating the new routines into your daily life over time. Repetition is the secret. One day at the time.
If you for some reason aren`t able to do all your Shine routines on one day, then do them the next day instead. 

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