My Workout Plan


The workout plans are meant as: A plan on how you are going to work
your body the following weeks.
Equipment: You need cloths or socks and weights or a back pack to
complete the workouts.
Want a longer or a shorter workout? If you want a longer workout one
day, just repeat the workout you are doing twice. If you want a shorter
workout, do fewer rounds or just some of the exercises.
Your Choice! Means that you can choose from the different workout
options presented on that day.
With trainer: When Working out LIVE or at the studio with your trainer, remember to have rest day or at least workout other muscle groups the day after and before the workout with your trainer.
Remember that you can add your favorite workout: If you want to do
another kind of workout than represented, feel free to do something else
Rest day is just as important as workout day. Make sure to have a
day where you are letting your body rest, if you are having intense
workouts during the whole week. If you are having shorter and less
intense workouts you don’t need a day off.
Listen to your body! Your workouts are at your own risk. Completing
the program is at your own responsibility, and Helle Luxe and people and
companies associated with Let´s Shine are not to be held responsible for
the program and its completion. If you are undergoing treatment from a
doctor or other medical professional, consult them prior to making
changes to your daily life.
Repeat week 4, if you want to add one or two more week to your

Let us help you find the right program
for you!