The goal with meditation is to increase your inner peace. Because inner peace equals happiness. Inner peace will give you long lasting happiness. It is also available to you whenever you want it. By meditating regularly you will experience a profound increase of peace in your life and happiness.
With meditation you are choosing to nourish yourself and your soul and teaching yourself how you can experience long lasting happiness. It will also give you more clarity, making you more efficient, balanced and present. There are many ways to meditate, but if you prioritize to meditate daily for at least 5-10min it will improve your life in only a few weeks. Check out the different meditations I suggest and choose the ones you prefer. The important thing is that you do some meditation daily where you are sitting down and working on quieting your mind and focusing on a subject, for example your breathing. To learn to control your mind will help you in all aspects of your life. Meditation is truly magical.

Meditation on joy

Meditation on a Mantra

Meditation on Forgiveness

Being in Love Meditation

On Letting Go

On getting what you want and not what you don`t want:

Meditation on visualization to reaching your goals:

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