Keep doing your happy routines and get long lasting happiness

Congratulation! Great job!

Now you have been filling yourself up with happiness and joy the last month and it`s just for you to continue the fun! 
The secret to long lasting happiness is to continue what you have just been doing for two more months to get it to become a natural routine in your life where happiness is one of the main aspects of your life. 

Happiness a choice of living

Have you ever thought about the fact that happiness is a choice of living? That you choose to be happy? We feel what we are thinking, and we are choosing what to think. What we are choosing to think, determines how we are feeling, that again determines our life experience. In addition to that the vibration you choose to be on, decides what you attract into your life. If you are feeling blue and you are in a low state vibration, you will more easily attract similar things to you. In the opposite case, if you train your mind to stay positive, you will get positive feelings, feel better, enjoy life more and attract more good things to you.
That`s why this mental strength exercise is so important. The main goal with the exercise is to practice asking the following question when something is not going the way you wished it would, or you had planned: What positive things can come out of this situation? That is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself going through life. This is the question I`m holding on to in every challenging situation I’m facing and that I`ve taught my kids to embrace in their lives too. Because this question will help you find new answers and make your mind go on a search for positive things. That again will give you the benefits of dealing better with challenges and at the same time filling yourself up with positive emotions. Just imagine how that will be, to always be able to find the hidden gifts and benefits in any given situation and to feel good about life no matter what happens? It doesn`t mean that we are not experience or accepting pain and feeling those emotions too, but we are focusing and training our mind to mainly be in a positive state. So your mental strength workout is therefore to ask yourself when you are feeling challenged or down: What positive can come out of this? What are the positive aspects here? And what are the benefits?
If you decide to work on asking that question daily for at least a period of three weeks you should notice a huge difference, and to be honest, you should notice the difference just after a couple of days, because you will let go of old patterns of negativity and stress. Let`s train our mind and ask ourselves in any situation we face: What positive can come out of this situation?

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