Goals (3)

With this goal routine the goal is to train your mind and actually program yourself to get what you want. For you to get what you want in life, to make it manifest in the physical world, we need to start internally, with your mindset. It’s crucial that you are focusing, thinking and aligning your energy with what you want and not where you are now. It doesn`t mean that you are ignoring where you are now, we need to know where we are coming from. That is essential, but at the same time we need to focus on what we want to get there. If we are going on this beautiful holiday, we need to know where we are traveling from, but we are mainly focusing on where we are going, how that will be and feel and what you will do on the vacation? Right? It`s the same with your goals, you need to focus on your destination on how it feels to have reached your goals. What you will feel, do and all the amazing benefits you will get.
Therefore you are going to write down your goals as if they have already happened. This means that you will write: “I`m so happy and grateful now that ……. And then writing your goal, as for example: I`m so happy and grateful now that I`m feeling amazing, eating healthy food 80% of the time, working out 2 times a week, every week. And, “I`m so happy and grateful now that I`m happy, healthy, strong and toned and full of energy every day.” The goal with this routine is to program your mind to experience it as you have already reached your goals. Then you are aligned with your goals and filling yourself up with all the good emotions of reaching your goals and this will make it much easier for you to take the right actions on a regular basis and reach your goals as fast as possible. Let`s get our mind and focus on where we are going on a daily basis.

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