Goals (2)

With this Goal routine we want to achieve two things. One, we want to see and acknowledge what we have achieved and the actions we have taken towards our goals. The second part is to decide what new actions we are going to make the next day or the next days towards our goals. Do the following: Look at what actions you have done towards your goals and celebrate what you have achieved and give yourself positive feedback on that. For example if you have been making good food choices, acknowledge that you managed this and say: “Good work! I`m proud of myself for achieving to make healthy food choices”. I will recommend you to write it down what you are grateful you have achieved. It`s very important because it will boost your motivation and your daily wins will take you to your victory and make it easier for you to reach your main goals.
The second part is just as important to do. Write down 1-3 new part goals that you want to achieve the next day or days that you know will take you one step closer to your main goals. Let`s celebrate our wins and then find our new goals that we can celebrate next time!

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