I saw several benefits from following Helle’s nutrition advice. I lost weight, got rid of mood swings, stabilized my blood sugar levels, improved my digestion and my body movement. I also feel better and know how to keep my energy levels steady.

Helle’s training programs in the studio and the online guidance have been extremely important in changing my physical appearance and becoming stronger. It was really nice to experience a general feeling of satisfaction and learn how an appropriate diet and exercise can affect your mood. I now know what I need in order to feel better about myself, how to set boundaries, what I want to achieve in my life, how to stop feeling sorry for myself and how to create room to rest and recharge my batteries so that I can have more to give to others without feeling guilty.

With Helle’s support and steadiness in working out, I learned that there’s a way to train efficiently and achieve results. I lost weight, became healthier and increased my strength. Keeping track of my results has been an incredible motivator to carry on. I learned to enjoy working out and now I look forward to every session. I feel active, good, in control of my life. I feel on the top of the world!