I always had a slim figure, but after I turned 30 I saw my body lose strength, my skin feeling looser and it was hard to find the right way and proper motivation for me to keep working out. Luckily, my boyfriend had noticed my fascination with Helle’s social media and gave me a guided workout plan for Christmas. It was the best present ever!

I received great help with reaching beyond all the goals I set! Helle has been amazing throughout the entire period. She is straightforward, honest and really good at making you feel good about yourself and teach you how to keep up your motivation. She made a real effort to improve my life and help me feel great every day. We got to deal with much more things regarding me than I had expected. She knows a lot about nutrition and has many smart, simple, fun and efficient exercises that were an eye-opener to me even though I used to work out a lot before.

The changes I had to make in my diet and training weren’t as hard compared to the results I got to have. I lost 5,5 cm around my waist in just two weeks, it’s really impressive! The cellulites on my butt and thighs that were bothering me so much, are now down to a minimum. My sleep quality has improved, and my tummy issues are now gone. I learned that I was eating wrong in the past and not nearly as enough due to my unpredictable work schedule. Now I eat more than I used to and I feel fresh and energized.  I am so happy with the improvements and the success, that for the first time in my life I feel confident to continue working out, eat well and love myself ☺

I would recommend Let’s Shine to people who have a hard time getting started. Results show quickly and easier than you think, and that makes it really fun to keep it up.