Before I started at Let’s Shine studio I was not happy with my body or my mind. I tried many different diets and types of training in the past, but always gave up when I did not get the results I wanted. With Helle’s help, I changed my lifestyle and it was much easier than I thought, I had results within a week!

As opposed to other diets that I tried in the past, Let’s Shine nutrition guidance is a way of living and not a diet. A direct result of this way of eating has been more energy, better sleep and a slimmer body.  The most surprising part was getting results this quickly and without feeling like I did much. The training is not too hard, the diet is not too hard. I expected I would have to do so much more in order to get the results I have now, but now I know that you just have to do it the correct way and not the hard way.

I learned more about my body, how it works and how to treat it in a good and healthy way to maintain the results I got with Let’s Shine. I feel fitter, happier, more confident, more energy and I have a better life than before. I feel stronger in mind and body, and I definitely feel like I have a better relationship with people around me.