For many years I wanted to get started with working out and make positive changes in my life. I kept postponing these goals because my everyday life made me feel stressed and exhausted, causing me to feel unmotivated to make any big adjustments.

After seeing the results that my partner achieved through Let’s Shine workout and nutrition, I decided to give it a try as well. The most surprising was Helle’s holistic view on exercise, health, nutrition and well-being. She taught me the meaning of an optimal diet and how this has a dramatic impact on your results when working out.

We started with defining my goals very specifically and making a plan of execution. We discovered why I had been feeling tired, why I was low on energy and why my body had been losing muscles and gaining fat. The changes I had to make were challenging in the beginning, but it didn’t take long before it became effortless to keep it up.

I reached my goals much faster and with less effort than I expected. This motivated me to keep making changes in my diet that would last. It was surprising to discover how easy it became to continue restructuring my lifestyle.

Helle has been contributing with enthusiasm to make sure my lifestyle changes were successful. She has a near magical ability to motivate and encourage you, but also to challenge you into expanding your limits.

My advice to other people in a similar situation is to not let the years go by and keep waiting for a right time while decay gets a hold on your body. Reach out to Helle and Let’s Shine and start solving your problems already.