Helle is a fantastic mentor who does so much good for everyone she works with. Being guided by her is the best investment I have made. My sessions with her have given me results far beyond a stronger and slimmer body. She has given me tools to deal with tough, sad and tiring moments when they happen. I am much stronger physically and mentally. I stand firmer in myself than ever and look positively at life and the future. I now eat the way my body wants me to eat, I feel less bloated, I have a flatter stomach, better digestion and lots of energy.

I am surprised how much effect this has also had on the people around me. It has affected my entire family, husband and children, and my friendships. I am a more comfortable person to be around now that I have it much better with myself. I always look forward to every session with Helle and I’m always happy afterwards, it’s the best feeling in the world.