I had been thinking of going to Helle for some years and finally decided it was time to make a change when a bad knee got me into a situation of no exercise and bad eating habits. I really enjoyed Helle´s approach; she listens and looks at the person as a whole. She worked together with my physical therapist and adapted the training according to the progress I was making. After six months my knee was a lot better, and now I am in a much better shape.

With Helle’s nutrition advice I have changed my eating habits and lost 4 kg. By dropping unwanted carbs and a lot of snacking, my body is a lot healthier and more toned.

I am very happy I started at Let’s shine. It has changed my eating habits, I lost 4 kg, I improved my knee damage, and now I am looking forward to turning 50 with a healthy body.

I really recommend Helle for the way she looks at the whole person. She is curious and analytical, and she adapts these abilities into the training session.