I started training with Helle after I saw amazing results on a couple of friends who were working out with her. For several years after I had children, I did not work out at all. I struggled with aches and pains all over my body, not to mention the extra kilos. Back then I was at a level of no energy and no desire to work out. I am so happy I got in touch and received the help and guidance and support that was suited to my level and my needs back then.  I am so grateful for the positive change I can see on my body. I am much stronger, the aches are gone and my body is mobile and slim. I am in a totally different place in my life right now!

Helle’s meal plan has drastically changed things for me. My weight, energy and my well-being are all significantly improved!

The best thing has been the personal growth I have achieved along the way. I am particularly proud of that because it was a complex process that Helle guided me through. I feel much better, I am full of energy, more focused and less stressed. I got guidance according to my own needs, which was a huge plus, and I received tremendous help on changing my mindset.