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I am so happy that you now want to have even better health and shine more in your life!


At Pilatespilotene, Our Aim is:


I want you to feel great about your body and what you can do with it! And I want you to experience what movement through Pilates can do for the body and the mind.


3 Simple Steps


In order for us at Pilatespilotene to be able to help you in the best possible way so that you get the fastest possible results, it is important that you follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Book your Pilatespilotene session here.

Step 2: You register on the training platform Let’s Shine Lifestyle (please, register here before proceeding further) where we Pilatespilotene have their own channel. Use the discount code Pilatespilotene to get 4 weeks of FREE access to this amazing online platform with no strings attached.

Step 3: And lastly, have you remembered to downloaded Pilates free app? If not, go here.

When you done these 3 steps you are ready to go!

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