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In Let’s Shine Group coaching you get:

Welcome to your Let’s Shine LIVE Coaching. Helle will have 30min coaching on 7 different subjects to make you shine more in your life. There will a new subject every week. She will also answers questions you may have at the end of the coaching. You will get

✔️ 30min weekly LIVE coaching with Helle Luxe

✔️ Access to the weekly Recordings.

✔️ Q&A in every session where you can ask questions and Helle will answer.

✔️ Learn Helle`s secrets on how to Shine more in your life through her 7 Pilors.

✔️ Get a combination of workout, nutrition and lifestyle training, based on the the subject of the week.




17.03.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to find big love, and have loads of love to give to the people you are having in your life.

24.03.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to create your dreamlife, and make sure you get what you want in your life (and not what you don’t want).

31.03.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to eat to and drink to get more energy and a better weight balance, without starving and enjoying great foods!

07.04.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to work out your body physically to get a strong, strong and functional body, without weights! 

14.04.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to feel more inner peace, joy, and balance in your life, without needing to take any action.

21.04.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to feel big joy in your life, every day, (almost) no matter what. 

28.04.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min:
How to live a happy life, by learning the art of giving and receiving love and not wasting love. 

05.05.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min
12.05.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min
19.05.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min
26.05.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min
02.06.23 Friday 11:30AM GMT+1 30min

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