Let`s Shine Nutrition program

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Let`s Shine Nutrition program gives you: Nutrition information, 30 Recipes, Meal plans and grocery lists through 8 weeks. In addition you get personal follow up by a personal trainer on your diet changes to ensure your results! The program is brand new and there might be some things we need to adjust and we would love constructive feedback during your program. We therefor give you the program to a reduced price in this limited period! Buy it now!

It`s Digital content and you will get the program on email.


This is an online Nutrition program where you get your program and personal guidence by email.

Let`s Shine Nutrition program gives you: 

  • Stable and more energy in your daily life.

  • Increased sleeping quality

  • Weight loss.

  • Reduction of circumference of your body

  • A stronger and more toned body

  • A more well functioning stomach and gut

  • More visible training results

  • Less cravings

  • Less stress and a more balanced daily life

  • Personal follow up through your program

Through 8 weeks you will get: 

  • Registration of your progression and your results when changing your diet.

  • Nutrition information about what you should eat, avoid and what supplements we recommend.

  • Meal plan: You will get weekly meal plan you can choose to follow

  • Recipes: You will get 30 recipes through your 8 weeks.

  • Grocery lists: You will get ready made grocery lists.

  • Personal Follow up: You will get personal feedbacks on your diet changes from one of our personal trainers to ensure your results.


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