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Online training is an efficient and easy way of working out with your personal trainer.   All you need is internet connection and your phone/Ipad/mac/computer and a mat or a towel and you are good to go! Its also great to have online sessions when you getting coached in your nutrition and your lifestyle. We offer:

PRIVATE, DUO and TRIO sessions online. 




Through 10 weeks you get:


  • Weekly LIVE 40min Online Workout sessions with Helle Luxe on Tuesdays 06:50 (GMT+1)
  • Access to the REPLAY so you can work out when it suits you.
  • Access to 10 extra workout programs so you can have variation and choose your favorite programs.
  • Access to specific exercises you can do instead if you for some reason can’t do all the exercises in the workouts.



  • A nutrition program through a week with the basics Let`s Shine principles, recipe and a week menu.
  • Weekly recipes and nutrition tips from Let`s Shine.
  • You get 20% discount on the 8 weeks Nutrition program.
  • Weekly LIVE Nutrition guidance with Helle where you can ask questions regarding your diet. (Fridays at 1130AM (GMT+1).*


  • Weekly Lifestyle videos from Helle to help you get the results you want and shine more in your life
  • Weekly LIVE LIfestyle guidance with Helle for you to celebrate your wins and help you overcome challenges.(Friday at 1130AM (GMT +1)*
  • Personal follow-ups by Helle on email on your goals and workouts and registration of your results.
  • Support your women and children that suffer from abuse. A percentage of your payment goes to the Crisis Center Secretariat in Norway.

IN ADDITION, SHARE your package with 2 friends for FREE! They will get the same package as you!

*The time of the live sessions may be changed.

“My cellulites on my butt and thighs, which had bothered me a lot earlier, are down to a minimum. My sleep quality have improved a lot by just doing some small changes in my routines before going to bed at night, and all the issues I had with my tummy are now gone. I’m so happy about the improvements and success I’ve experienced. My motivation has been on top at all times because the results were showing week by week. “

Maya 34

“Honestly, I never thought I would see such amazing results in such a short time! Now I finally have the motivation and knowledge I need to keep working out regularly. It’s easy to keep working out when your body is rapidly changing and results are visible.”
Kristin 33

“I got my results a lot sooner than expected and reached my goals in 6 weeks! Even though l had only worked out for 45min 1-2 times per week. Helle’s been contributing with enthusiasm and made sure the execution of my lifestyle change was successful. She’s got a near magical ability to motivate and encourage, but also to challenge me into pushing my limits further.” 
Marius 38

Let`s Shine`s CORONA Procedures at the studio, updated August 2020:

To make sure that we are following the guidelines from The health government in Norway, please follow the below procedures when working out at the studio:   Bring to the studio:  Your own water bottleYour own socks to workout in.  At the...

The One Stomach exercise I always do!

If there is one exercise (or actually five in one) I swear to do when I work out it`s this one: Pilates Stomach Series It works every time and really gets me working in my core and in my pelvis floor. It`s a super exercise to do if you want an efficient stomach...

“How much do you shine in your life? Take the test now and get answer!”

Want to read in Norwegian? Click hereHello, Have you ever met a person who radiates love, power, joy, safety and calmness? Which just emits lovely energy and presence? The probability is high that this person also feels full of...

I’m sharing my latest personal downfall and how you can get your next upturn!

Want to read in Norwegian? Click hereHello, Last weekend I went really hard. It took me to the bed, and ironically I ended up on my back in bed as well. Although I understood afterwards why it happened, there were no warning lights that rang before the crash. That's...

Find out how you can achieve your goals in the fastest (and best!) way possible!

Hello,When I was about to move a couple of years ago, I felt both insecure and overworked. It was a lot for me to handle at the time, especially being alone with two children. It was getting close to winter in the moving process, and it struck me that I was missing a...

How I told my partner what I needed

HAVE YOU EVER WISHED THAT YOUR PARTNER WOULD SAY EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEEDED TO HEAR?I have! And I'm sure that my partner also have wished that I would do the same.  Today I'm sharing what I did to solve the challenge last week, based on my first Let's Shine pilar: Heart...

Give Training

A training in giving and receiving love and happiness.   My 7. Pillar is giving you the last secret ingredients to increase happiness and love in your life, and at the same time summing up the six others pillars into one sentence: It`s about giving.    GIVING AND...

Joy Training

A training in filling yourself with joy and sharing it with others to increase your happiness in life.    Joy Training is my 6. pillar of my seven pillars to experience more happiness in your life, and maybe the pillar that represents most fun. In that sense that it...

Meditation Training

A training in letting go and embracing emptiness and space to increase your happiness.   My fifth star came to me when I was in New York. In a city full of people, cars, buildings and everything else you can imagine.  I had been meditating for a while all ready, but...

Physical Training

A training in getting a strong, flexible and a well-functioning body.  When I started in the health industry twenty years ago, it was all about the physical training. To strengthen the muscles in our body, our heart pump and also to have a well functioning body. Now,...

Nutrition Training

A training in nourishing your body and mind with food and drinks, in a healthy and good way.  Nutrition training is my third pillar of my seven stars. It`s about learning what foods and drinks that elevate you in your daily life, and make your body and mind function...

Mental Training

A training in creating and protecting your beautiful life and happiness.   Mental training is the second pillar in my tool box of seven stars to be happier and to shine more in your life. To have a strong mind is the essential building block after your heart...

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