Do my free Stomach, Butt and Arm Workout at home!(And get Strong and toned!)

It has been a while since I have had Workout sessions outside my studio, but now it`s time! And I want to share my workouts with you, so you can get strong and toned at home! In addition to that I will also send you my top recipes and tips to shine more in your life this spring!

Below you have my three latest workouts, it only takes you 15min and you don’t need any equipments.

My last three workouts:

Stomach Workout

Butt Workout

Arm workout (triceps)

Find the workout you like or maybe you want to do one different workout every morning? In example: Stomach on Monday, Butt on Tuesday and Arms on Wednesday?

If you want to join my LIVE workouts too and ask me questions, get invitations to my workouts at my Facebook page: “Let`s Shine”.

I hope to see you!

Take care and let’s shine!

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